Leaked DocumentsToGo Beta Version


The Beta version of DocsToGo v. has been found online!  If you want to try this leaked version, you will need to uninstall the current version of DocsToGo from your BlackBerry you install it.

This version is for OS 6.0 devices ONLY,  please leave us your feedback in the comments!

Download OTA :


RepliGo Reader Version 2.0 App For BlackbBerry – PDF Reader (Get Free Activation Code)


Get the leading PDF reader for your BlackBerry!
How many PDF files do you read every day? Chances are quite a few. RepliGo Reader works with your BlackBerry email and media card to bring these documents to life. Similar to Adobe® Reader® for your desktop, RepliGo Reader opens and displays PDF files natively. There is no need for a costly subscription, conversion service or even wireless coverage once files are stored on your device.

Why choose RepliGo Reader?
As the first native PDF reader for BlackBerry, RepliGo Reader has the most complete support for the official PDF specification. Documents render with the utmost fidelity, accurately preserving fonts, images and other page elements. Additionally, RepliGo Reader comes packed with great features like page caching, file management and a fast reading view, just to name a few.

Supported Devices :

  • BlackBerry Torch
  • BlackBerry Tour
  • BlackBerry Bold
  • BlackBerry Storm
  • BlackBerry Curve (8300, 8500, 8900 Series, 3G 9300)
  • BlackBerry Pearl (8100, 8200 Series)
  • BlackBerry 8800 Series
  • BlackBerry 8700 Series

Leave comment with your BlackBerry PIN and valid email address for activation code

Download OTA :

Click here for v4.2.1 or http://bit.ly/fYUinB (local link)

Click here for v4.3 or http://bit.ly/i4kHxU (local link)

Click here for v4.5 or http://bit.ly/gD31mi (local link)

Click here for v4.6 or http://bit.ly/f5svX1 (local link)

Click here for v4.7 – 6.0 or http://bit.ly/ezPaZm (local link)

From BlackBerry App World :

If you have BlackBerry App World™ installed on your device, just search for “RepliGo” to find RepliGo Reader and install it. Or, click the button to the right to visit the BlackBerry App World storefront and send yourself a download link.

Deskstop Installer :

RepliGo Reader installation file. You will need to unzip the file in order to install RepliGo Reader over USB via BlackBerry® Desktop Manager

Download RepliGo Reader Version 2

Documents To Go Version 2.0005.105 App For BlackBerry (View And Edit Microsoft Office Files)


View and Edit Microsoft Office (TM) files with your BlackBerry anywhere.

New features in Version 2.0 :

  • Desktop Application for File Synchronization
    Windows users can now easily sync files between their computer and device via USB cable. Once the files are set to sync, any edits made will automatically be transferred upon synchronization.
  • Enhanced PDF To Go
    Updated version introduces many new features including: find and copy text, save as, send via email, bookmarks and more!
  • Documents To Go Files
    Smartphone file browser where users can access and manage (delete, rename, copy and paste) all of their Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and graphics in one centralized location.
  • Open Password Protected Office 2007 Files
    Open Microsoft Word and Excel (97-2007) files that are protected by a password

Documents To Go Download Area

Documents To Go for OS 6.0 or higher or http://bit.ly/h3kNZ8 (Local link)
Documents To Go for OS 4.7 – 5.0 or http://bit.ly/i0Xnhz (Local link)
Documents To Go for OS 4.5/4.6 or http://bit.ly/dZeNdJ (Local link)

PDF To Go Download Area

Please note: PDF To Go requires Documents To Go Premium Edition v2 or higher (purchase or trial).

Download PDF To Go for OS 4.5 devices
Download PDF To Go for OS 4.6 devices
Download PDF To Go for OS 4.7 – 5.0 devices
Download PDF To Go for OS 6.0 or higher devices

Serial Key : http://bit.ly/jnhfyP

Please Note: If you encounter a “Download Failed” or “907 Invalid COD” error, uninstall Documents To Go, reboot your device and download again. For detailed steps on resolving this error, visit http://www.dataviz.com/907.

Berry Unit Converter App For BlackBerry

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A unit converter is something handy to have on your PDA or smartphone. However, I couldn’t find any free, useful unit converter for the Blackberry smartphone; all I managed to find were J2ME generic converters that don’t blend in with the Blackberry’s user interface and are in general a pain to use.

Thus, here is BerryUnitConverter; it is, indeed, a Blackberry Unit Converter. All it does is convert between different units of measurement. It’s written specifically for the Blackberry so it won’t work on generic J2ME phones; if you need a converter for your J2ME phone, I suggest Abiro Unit Converter. Also, it requires a Java-based model. It’s been tested on Pearl (81xx), Curve (8300) and Storm (95xx) models but should work on the Bold as well. Warning: if you have a 4.1 device (the 8700 series, for example) you need to go down the page to the Installing section and download the 8700-specific version.

BerryUnitConverter is free software, released under the GNU GPLv2. Source code is available a bit further down the page (under “source code”). You will probably need the Blackberry JDE in order to successfully build from source code.

Download OTA : http://bit.ly/e0JqxA

Blackberry Currency Converter

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Konversi mata uang lebih dari 180 currencies di Blackberry anda secara online. Sepuluh currency terakhir yang anda pakai akan selalu tersedia untuk digunakan (quick access). Konverter gratis ini menggunakan OANDA Rates yang diupdate setiap hari.

Download OTA : http://m.fxconverter.com

Documents To Go v2.0004.018

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Aplikasi untuk membuka/melihat file Microsoft Office Word, Excel dan PowerPoint versi teranyar yang menyediakan fasilitas sinkronisasi file dengan PC.

Download OTA :

Link DocumentsToGo for OS 4.7 and 5.0   :   download here

Link PDFToGo  (after installed DocsToGo)  :  download here

Registration Number  :  9457334-0983
Activation Key :   KQ4E-9000A2C05AE5

Perhatian : Hapus atau delete aplikasi Documents to go yang sudah terinstall sebelum mengunduh/mendownload dan menginstall versi ini