Seesmic Twitter App For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.4.1

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Seesmic Features :

All your timelines
Seesmic for BlackBerry groups all your Twitter timelines into one simple application. Whether you want to scroll through your friends timeline, check on a saved search, view a list or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one click away from the main menu.
Saved search and list support
Searches and lists saved on your Twitter account are automatically imported and made available inside the BlackBerry application – a first for a Twitter application the BlackBerry.
Photo sharing
it’s very easy for you to share a photo from your gallery or take a photo directly from the application. Uploading your photo to leading hosting services such as YFrog, you can type your message and see the final URL to your photo appear when it’s ready!
URL Shortening
Integrated the same URL shortening capability Seesmic Desktop client. Just type a URL, press the shortening button and it’ll transform your long URL into a really small one so you have more space for your tweets.
Background Notifications
While it is running in the background, Seesmic for BlackBerry will alert you to received Direct Messages and @Replies that require your attention. This is done using the familiar system-wide icon notification bar that alerts you to new mail, sms messages and voicemails.

version 1.4.1 changes :

  • Font size setting is now back in the application. Choose the size you want for Seesmic!
  • Fixed bug with notifications and notification light

Seesmic support BlackBerry device running OS 4.5 or higher.

Download OTA :

Seesmic for Blackberry On The Go

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Seesmic brings you the ability to manage your Twitter account on the go using your BlackBerry mobile device.  Seesmic for BlackBerry provides you with the ability view your friend’s status updates in an interface that is familiar and inspired by BlackBerry’s own native applications.

Features :

  • All your timelines.  Seesmic for BlackBerry groups all your Twitter timelines into one simple application
  • URL Shortening. Just type a URL, press the shortening button.
  • Background Notifications
  • Photo sharing

Download OTA   :   download here