How To Upgrade Or Install BackBerry OS

Tips on how to  upgrade or install BlackBerry OS :

  1. Install the BlackBerry ™ Desktop Software (CD) on your PC  which is usually contained in the box your device. Or you can also download the latest version of it from then reboot your PC.
  2. The next step download BlackBerry™ OS file that suitable to type of your BlackBerry™. You can download official OS that match your Service Provider from the link below:
  3. After you have successfully downloaded the BlackBerry™ OS file that match your device and then install the file to your PC. Then reboot your PC.
  4. If you install the OS file from the service provider that is not the same as the service provider you use, then you must delete vendor.xml file that contained in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.
  5. Connect The Blackberry™ with USB to your PC and run the BlackBerry™ Desktop Software then backup all your data.
  6. After the backup has been done. Run Loader.exe file in the folder C: \Program Files\ Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Follow the instructions and simply press “next” which later OS installation will run automatically and will display a notification message when the process has been completed.

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