Facebook For BlackBerry 2.0 Updated In The BlackBerry Beta Zone – Now Support For OS 5


Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 has been updated with some major changes, including support for OS 5. Here’s the change log:

  • Support for BlackBerry OS 5.0
    • The beta app now supports BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry OS 5 and above.
  • Facebook Chat Enhancements:
    • Know when a friend is typing a message by the visual cue of “is typing a message”
    • Filter Online Contacts to quickly find a specific friend and start a Chat message.
  • Mutual Friends and Friends List
    • Discover which friends you have in common with other users via the Info tab on Profiles (dependent on Privacy Settings of the user).
  • Enhanced integration with BlackBerry native apps
    • Click on PINs, Phone Numbers, and email addresses displayed in Wall posts, messages or the Info tab, to perform the respective action (e.g., place a call) or save the information to your BlackBerry Contacts application

To get this update please login to blackberry.com/beta and download it.

Download OTA : http://bit.ly/lrd63f (key code needed)

Twitter For BlackBerry Version 2.0 Available At The BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Twitter for BlackBerry available at BlackBerry Beta Zone members.  The update gives a brand new interface. New features include:

  • Redesigned Navigation Bar
  • New Compose Tweet Button
  • Single Search Screen
  • External Notification- New app header shows you notification from other apps like email, BBM, etc.
  • New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

To get more info and download it please go to www.blackberry.com/beta

BlackBerry Messenger Version 6.0 Now Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone

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RIM has launched a public beta for a new version of  BlackBerry Messenger version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Changes in this beta version of BBM include:

  • Updated BBM branding
  • More “snappy” and responsive feel
  • Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once SMS contact is integrated with BBM
  • Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
  • “Invite a Text Messaging Contact” — easier to search contacts
  • Location Search — you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
  • Location Sending — you can now detect location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
  • Appointment Sending – sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending appointment via SMS

For more info go to blackberry.com/beta

Twitter For BlackBerry Version Officially Released

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RIM has announced a new version of Twitter for BlackBerry application. The new version is v1.1.0.21, a little update from the version released in the BlackBerry Beta Zone in March. New feature for the new version:

  • Tweet Location
    Geotagging functionality on Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to allow BlackBerry smartphone users to add their location to their Tweets. Users can switch location on/off before each tweet.
  • Push @Mentions
    Users can receive immediate notifications, using BlackBerry Push technology, when they are mentioned by another Twitter user. Users can control whether they want to be notified when anyone mentions them or just when their followers mention them.
  • Chat-Style Messages
    Direct Messages has been renamed to Messages to align with the Twitter experience and the interface has been updated to a chat-style layout.
  • #Topic Autocomplete
    The #Topic Autocomplete feature is designed to pop up a list of keywords based on previous hashtagged words in Tweets, Retweets, any hashtagged words selected or searched for in Popular Topics, and in applications like Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Retweet Updates
    Retweets now appear in the Home timeline with a tag of “Retweeted by you” quickly alerting users that their retweet has gone through.
  • New gesture support
    BlackBerry smartphone users with a touch screen device can now refresh page content by simply dragging a finger down the device screen and releasing it.
  • New Language Support
    Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 1.1 is now available in Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Polish.

Download OTA :

Blackberry Appworld


For OS 5.0 : http://bit.ly/i5cjKU (local link)
For OS 6.0 : http://bit.ly/eXcRjS (local link)

Desktop Installer :

http://bit.ly/gjicyN (local link)
http://bit.ly/hk3XcM (local link)

ChatOnFacebook Version 2.0.107 App For BlackBerry


Chat on Facebook for BlackBerry® allows you to chat with all your Facebook friends using your BlackBerry® smartphone. Chat on Facebook has been modeled after the native Facebook interface, giving you a familiar look and feel for a great experience chatting with your friends. Chat on Facebook is the only native BlackBerry® app for chatting on Facebook, we are dedicated to making the best possible BlackBerry® apps and we will continue to improve Facebook chat app.

Download OTA :


Desktop Installer :



ÜberSocial For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.185

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UberMedia has updated their UberSocial to fix a few bugs and add some new features. The full changelog is :

  • Fixed issue with trending topics not loading
  • Fixed issue with recommended users not loading
  • Much simpler initial setup
  • Added retweet count to each retweet in the timeline
  • Fixed bug where DMs and @replies might be displayed twice
  • Removed ability to send DMs with >140 chars, pictures, videos, or location
  • Added ability to log out
  • Fixed bug where clicking ‘lists’ from a users profile or an open tweet would cause a null pointer exception
  • Download OTA :


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