ÜberSocial For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.185

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UberMedia has updated their UberSocial to fix a few bugs and add some new features. The full changelog is :

  • Fixed issue with trending topics not loading
  • Fixed issue with recommended users not loading
  • Much simpler initial setup
  • Added retweet count to each retweet in the timeline
  • Fixed bug where DMs and @replies might be displayed twice
  • Removed ability to send DMs with >140 chars, pictures, videos, or location
  • Added ability to log out
  • Fixed bug where clicking ‘lists’ from a users profile or an open tweet would cause a null pointer exception
  • Download OTA :


ÜberSocial For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.180

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Download OTA :

For OS 4.2.1 : click Here

For OS 4.3 : Click here

For OS 4.5 : Click here

For 4.6 Devices (Bold, new Curves) : Click Here

For 4.7 Devices (Storm, Tour) : Click Here

For 5.0 Devices (Bold, Storm, etc.) : Click Here

For 6.0 Devices (Torch, Curve 3G, Pearl 3G) : Click Here

UberSocial Twitter App For BlackBerry Updated To v1.175 – Fixes Alerts/Ringtones

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Download OTA :



For OS 4.3 : http://bit.ly/gZ5xiv (local link)

For OS 4.5 : http://bit.ly/f5zloB (local link)

For OS 4.6 : http://bit.ly/fwsPRy (local link)

For OS 5.0 : http://bit.ly/fENnGE (local link)

For OS 6.0 : http://bit.ly/gFBydd (local link)

IM+: Instant Messaging for BlackBerry Version 8.6.1

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With IM+ you will stay connected to your friends, family and business contacts anytime and anywhere.
All-in-one communication tool at your fingertips, plus picture messages for free!

Changelog Version 8.6.1 :

  • Improved multichat work for MSN, Skype, AIM, and ICQ
  • Overall performance optimization

Download OTA :


Download OTA (Local link) :

For OS 4.3 – 4.5 (e.g Pearl, Curve, 8830) :


For OS 4.6 or later (e.g Curve 8900, Bold 9000, 9780, Tour 9630, Style 9670) :


For Storm and Storm 2 :


For Torch :


Desktop Installer ( for All Types of BlackBerry ) :




Seesmic Twitter App For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.4.2


Here’s the changelog :

  • Improvements in the photo picker in the composer
  • Display of who retweeted a tweet inline in the timeline
  • Added “Reply All” feature when multiple users are mentioned in a Tweet
  • Improvements in the attachment of your location in Tweets
  • Tweetphoto has been changed to Plixi (new name)
  • Connection improvements in the Twitter Search section
  • Bug Fixes

For more info and to download the update go to http://www.seesmic.com/products/blackberry.

Download OTA :

for OS 4.5 phones – including Curves

for OS 4.6.0 phones – including Bold, most Curves

for OS 4.6.1+ phones – including Bold, most Curves

for OS 4.7 phones – including Bold, Tour, Storm 1, Curves

for OS 5.0 phones

for OS 6.0 phones

ÜberTwitter Twitter App For BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.114 Fixes Facebook Posting & More

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The ÜberTwitter just released version 1.114 with the following changes:

  • Detection and reconnection to Facebook prior to sending a tweet
  • Facebook send error detection Much better detection of errors and reporting to the user if the post to facebook fails
  • Manual refresh Fixed a bug where selecting ‘refresh’ from the menu didn’t always kick off a refresh
  • Timeline not refreshing Fixed a bug where the timeline would not refresh and large amounts of CPU would be used causing battery drain

Download OTA :

For 4.2.1 Devices or http://bit.ly/eSz9tA (local link)

For 4.3 Devices or http://bit.ly/hVArmW (local link)

For 4.5 Devices or http://bit.ly/dKs2Qw (local link)

For 4.6 Devices (Bold, new Curves) or http://bit.ly/etCTGa (local link)

For 4.7 Devices (Storm, Tour) or http://bit.ly/gBW7Td (local link)

For 5.0 (Storm, Tour, new Bold, and others) or http://bit.ly/hKBwC6 (local link)

For 6.0 Devices (Torch, Onyx 2,Curve 3G, Pearl 3G) or http://bit.ly/eGuXRF (local link)

ÜberTwitter App For BlackBerry Updated To Verson 1.01 To Fix Freezing Bug

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ÜberTwitter just left beta as version 1.0 but there was a freezing bug. The Über team just released version 1.01 to fix it. This new version also bring Facebook posting, Bit.ly Pro integration.

Download OTA : www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download

Foursquare App For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.9.6

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Foursquare has updated their BlackBerry application to version 1.9.6 with some bug fixes and improvements.

Download OTA : foursquare.com/blackberry/beta

ÜberTwitter App for BlackBerry Updated To Version 0.993 With Battery Drain Improvements

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The new version is 0.993 and includes the option of changing from Google Maps to BlackBerry Maps or MapQuest. Here’s the rest of the changelog : More

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