JAK101FM Radio Streaming App For BlackBerry

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Free Application for Radio Streaming (Indonesian Radio) with  BIS (Full Service) data connection.There are 3 Radio stations to listen (JAK FM Jakarta, GEN FM Jakarta & GEN FM Surabaya). 

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Desktop Installer :



ImgEdit App For BlackBerry Version 2.0


ImgEdit is ultimate and all in one image editing application for the BlackBerry especially BlackBerry OS5 and higher.   You can use imgEdit to manipulate the image such as rotating in 90, 180 and 270 degrees, flip and mirror the image, add special effect such as GreyScale, Sepia, Negative, Emboss, Scatter and many more effects.   If the image is too big to send via email you can resize the image, add custom text, import a frame image to put around the image.  For advanced users you can use the RGB and HSB feature to alter the color of the image.  An added bonus is the Warhol effect.  Changes in the image can be saved in JPG format or email to anyone.

Features :

  •  The only image editing of this kind for the BlackBerry
  • Supports Bmp, GIF, JPG and PNG pictures
  • Integrates with the Media, Files and Camera applications
  • Rotate, Crop, Resize, Zoom, Flip and Mirror image
  • Add special effects like: Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, Interlace, Paint, Scatter,Border and more
  • Special Warhol effect
  • Freehand tool for better selection eg: select any points and then apply effect on the selection
  • Change image RGB, HSB and Brightness. Total control of image coloring
  • Set the image to Wallpaper
  • Simple line, circle and rectangle drawing for Touch screen devices
  • Save image or screen
  • Email image or screen
  • Undo function

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Desktop Installer :



Free Automotive Pocket Guide App For BlackBerry

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VEELABS Automotive is proud to present Pocket Guide, a BlackBerry application On-Device Portal First in Indonesia, which contains tips and practical knowledge coupled with the Daily News about Automotive Push Technology, Real Time Traffic Information, Info nearest garage with GPS, Important Phone Numbers up to date, list price and Simulation of Vehicle Credit, Automotive Events Calendar, and much more. FREE!

Automotive Pocket Guide comes with special features, including: Community Mobile Interactive an easy and sophisticated for you to be able to share information, writings and discussions with other automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia through Community APG, buying and selling cars and motorcycles, complete with accessories that Unique Stock APG, and express love for a loved one through the Send Gifts & Flowers.
Automotive Pocket Guide to BlackBerry smartphones can be downloaded at http://APG.VEELABS.com

  • Tips & practical knowledge and daily news about the automotive with Push Technology
  • GPS technology to locate the nearest service station
  • Automotive Events Calendar
  • Equipped with the ease of contact Telephone Numbers with just one click
  • Latest Traffic Information
  • APG community to share information with fellow automotive enthusiasts, through the categories and topics of interest that has been available
  • Buying and selling cars and motorcycles, complete with all sorts of accessories just in Stock APG
  • Equipped with information on New Car Prices and New Motorcycle Prices
  • Send Gifts & Flowers directly from your BlackBerry
  • Flashlight lamp serves to activate the flashlight on your BlackBerry (specifically OS 5.0 and OS 6.0)
  • Small size, low memory, and battery saving
  • Indonesian-language applications
  • The sleek, futuristic design
  • Very easy to use
  • Alert Notifications using the Ribbon, Icon, Sound, and Vibration Feature
    Access and fast data loading
  • Sharing information about this application directly via eMail, Facebook, and Twitter

Download OTA :


Thanks to VEELABS.com

Blitzmegaplex Launcher App For BlackBerry

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Get movie schedule information and news about Blitzmegaplex for free.

Download OTA :


Free M-Toyota App for BlackBerry

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The Main Features of  M-TOYOTA :

  • Toyota Update : Live Twitter @ToyotaID and news
  • Product : Gallery, Specification, Feature, Accessories, Price
  • Dealer/Workshop : Search Dealer, Nearby Location
  • Simulator : Credit Simulator, Insurance Simulator
  • Service : Service Promo, Service Reminder
  • Community : Toyota Owner Club, Point Of Interest, Traffic Info Sharing
  • Emergency Call
  • Price

Download OTA from BlackBerry AppWorld :

Click here

Garuda.diBBku BlackBerry® App


Garuda di BB-ku adalah aplikasi BlackBerry yang menyajikan berbagai fitur dengan tujuan membangkitkan kembali semangat kebangsaan Indonesia dengan cara yang lebih populer

» Sorotan
    Fakta sejarah sedekat mungkin dengan tanggal & waktu kejadian sebenarnya, Napak Tilas di BB-ku. Setiap hari akan ada setidaknya satu peristiwa ‘Napak Tilas’ yang disorot.
» Warta
    Beragam informasi seru dari berbagai sumber menarik, salah satunya Koran Fesbuk.
» Tantangan # Karaoke Ketik
    Nyanyikan beberapa lagu kebangsaan pilihan dengan mengetik lirik. Karaoke Ketik hadir dalam dua mode: Latihan dan Lomba. Akan ada periode khusus dimana pengguna aplikasi Garuda di BB-ku dapat berlomba Karaoke Ketik untuk memenangkan suatu hadiah.
» Tantangan # Mikroblog
    Pengguna aplikasi Garuda di BB-ku dapat berbagi pengalaman, bisa berbentuk foto (plus deskripsi) dan pemikiran, berdasarkan butir-butir pengamalan Pancasila ataupun perayaan 17 Agustus-an..
» Kanal
    Fitur ‘Kanal’ Garuda di BB-ku juga menampilkan ‘kicauan’ dari figur Twitter. Baca tweet yang berhubungan dengan semangat #garuda, dan retweet langsung dari Garuda.diBBku.
» Pernak-Pernik
    Tempat pengumuman pemenang lomba, mengunduh Tema BB (BB Themes) dan pernik seru lainnya.

English Version:

Garuda di BB-ku is a BlackBerry application presenting various features aiming to ignite Indonesia’s nationalism through a more popular way.

» Sorotan
    This feature pushes historical facts in real time of actual happening in 1945, leading to Indonesia’s Independence Day. At least one new update is available daily.
» Warta
    Various interesting information about Indonesia are presented through this feature, supported by Koran Fesbuk.
» Tantangan # Karaoke Ketik
    The game challenges the users to sing along, or in this case type along, to a number of independence tunes. The game offers two methods: ‘Practice’ and ‘Competition’. There will a special period allotted for a Karaoke Ketik competition, with prizes.
» # Mikroblog
    The microblog allows users to share pictures and a maximum 500-character-text on their take on celebrating the Independence Day and implementation of Pancasila (the nation’s 5 pillars of ideology) on a daily basis.
» Kanal
    ‘Kanal’ or channel features a series of tweets with the hashtag Garuda (#garuda). Contributing to this cause is a number of prominent Indonesian Tweeters. Read their tweets and directly RT from Garuda.diBBku.
» Pernak-Pernik
    This part of the menu is the board where competition winners are announced. Also available here are BB Themes Download and other fun stuff.

Compatible with OS: 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7.0, 5.0.0
Compatible for devices: 8520, 8900, 9000, 9100, 9300, 95×0, 9700

 Download OTA :  http://garuda.dibbku.com/

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