This version includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Support for installable themes with the first one being Uber50
  • Ablity to mute tweets based on keyword
  • Added ‘save’ button to each options screen so users know they can leave at any time and save what has changed
  • Fixed bug where blocking a user could cause an exception

Download OTA :

For 4.2.1 Devices  or (local link)
For 4.3 Devices  or (local link)
For 4.5 Devices  or (local link)
For 4.6 Devices (Bold, new Curves)  or (local link)
For 4.7 Devices (Storm, Tour)  or (local link)
For 5.0 (Storm, Tour, new Bold, and others)  or (local link)
For 6.0 Devices (Torch, Curve 3G, Pearl 3G)  or (local link)

Desktop Installer :  or (local link)