The Jared Company has launched FaceChat that gives you Facebook chat absolutely free.  Features include:

  • Chat simply, easily, seamlessly on Facebook from your BlackBerry®. Anyone can do it.
  • See who’s on line after logging on to your FB account.
  • See on-line friends’ Facebook avatars so you know who’s on the grid at a glance.
  • Carry on multiple chats simultaneously with a clean interface so you know who’s talking.
  • Once logged in FaceChat will give you a vibrating notification letting you know one of your Facebook friends sent you a message.

FaceChat is free to download as it is ad supported.  If you’re looking for a quick Facebook chat fix, then FaceChat is perfect just for that. 

Download via BlackBerry App World : Click here ( version 1.86)

Download OTA : 

FaceChat 1.76 For OS 4.6 :

FaceChat 1.76 For OS 4.7 :

FaceChat 1.76 For OS 5.0 and 6.0 :