This is a very good conversation assistant software. Main features include access to answer and hang up, Multi clock alarm, Autolock IP dial-up, Profile Scheduler , Popup Preview ,Wifi auto on/off, Led remind the whole point timekeeping and so on.

Call Extra
01. Vibrating with Ring Tone for OS 4.5 as same as the function in OS 5.0.
02. Auto turn off blacklight when calling.
03. Notified by vibrating when outgoing call is connected.
04. Notified by vibrating when the other side is disconnected the call.
05. Notified after five minutes when a call has missed.
06. Notified by vibrating and buzzing in a call at the defined second (0-60) of a minute. (0 second is in OFF state)
07. Notified add new contact after disconnected.
08. IP call. You can set a default number. Select [IP Call] from menu in a Phone Call screen or in Contact.
LED Extra
09. LED notification for miss calls, new SMS, new e-mail. You can custom LED blinking speed and color.
10. Disco LED blinking is available for incoming call.
11. Custom LED color for special person.
Charging Extra
12. Display customize image when charging.
13. Notified by sound in the customized period of time when the charging is finished.
Wireless Extra
14. Wi-Fi auto ON/OFF
15. Radio auto ON/OFF
Clock Extra
16. Auto Lock the Blackberry by customized minutes has been updated and also you can lock your Blackberry only from home screen view and play a sound if you like.
17. Hourly Alarm. Alarm is available in between of the set timing in Charging Extra, Music is customized.
18. Three Alarms. You can custom it by the day in a week with customized alarm sound. Setting the snooze alarm is also there. For more you can choice if it is always Popup at the top screen or not. By pressing any key you can mute the alarm only the baby mode is enabled.
Preview Extra
19. Preview the SMS or e-Mail in a Pup-Up screen. The available options are showing contact photo, setting up preview font size and the format encoding. Open the tips, you will notice the shortcut from the Pop-Up screen like:
Firewall Extra
20. Keep mute or hangup when coming call is in blacklist.
Other Extra
21. Show Battery percent.
22. Quick launch videorecord in order to take flash light after pressing space.
23. Screenshot tools(Only support Sdcard).
24. Profile scheduler
25. Sms signature
26. Insert contact info from SMS/EMAIL
27. Display missed call’s start time and end time from call notes.
28. Export/Import settings(Only support Sdcard).

For 4.5
Display Dimensions
240×260, 240×320, 320×240, 360×400, 360×480, 480×320, 480×360
Operating System

For 5.0
Display Dimensions
240×260, 240×320, 320×240, 360×400, 360×480, 480×320, 480×360
Operating System
4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen, 6.0 Non-Touch, 6.0 Touch Screen

Download OTA :

For OS 4.5 :

For OS 4.7 – 6.0 :