• Add your Twitter and Facebook accounts for status updates
  • Multiple tabs for each account, saved searches and groups
  • Forward as Retweet, Email or SMS
  • Profile alerts for each type of Tweet
  • View user profiles, followers, friends, recent updates as well as follow/unfollow options
  • View your own profile
  • Visible “new tweet” notifications

SocialScope is in private beta. To request an invite go to http://www1.getsocialscope.com

Download OTA :

For OS 4.5 : http://bit.ly/eP4TrV  or  http://bit.ly/eW9HsJ (local link)
For OS 4.6 : http://bit.ly/h8j6F6  or  http://bit.ly/i9GbGc (local link)
For OS 4.7 : http://bit.ly/fNXxzJ  or  http://bit.ly/eCakHP (local link)
For OS 5.0 : http://bit.ly/guVGcU  or  http://bit.ly/gbZg8Q (local link)
For OS 6.0 : http://bit.ly/dYrZOy   or  http://bit.ly/hUZKfj (local link) 

Desktop Installer :