Here’s the changelog :

  • Improvements in the photo picker in the composer
  • Display of who retweeted a tweet inline in the timeline
  • Added “Reply All” feature when multiple users are mentioned in a Tweet
  • Improvements in the attachment of your location in Tweets
  • Tweetphoto has been changed to Plixi (new name)
  • Connection improvements in the Twitter Search section
  • Bug Fixes

For more info and to download the update go to

Download OTA :

for OS 4.5 phones – including Curves

for OS 4.6.0 phones – including Bold, most Curves

for OS 4.6.1+ phones – including Bold, most Curves

for OS 4.7 phones – including Bold, Tour, Storm 1, Curves

for OS 5.0 phones

for OS 6.0 phones