The ÜberTwitter just released version 1.114 with the following changes:

  • Detection and reconnection to Facebook prior to sending a tweet
  • Facebook send error detection Much better detection of errors and reporting to the user if the post to facebook fails
  • Manual refresh Fixed a bug where selecting ‘refresh’ from the menu didn’t always kick off a refresh
  • Timeline not refreshing Fixed a bug where the timeline would not refresh and large amounts of CPU would be used causing battery drain

Download OTA :

For 4.2.1 Devices or (local link)

For 4.3 Devices or (local link)

For 4.5 Devices or (local link)

For 4.6 Devices (Bold, new Curves) or (local link)

For 4.7 Devices (Storm, Tour) or (local link)

For 5.0 (Storm, Tour, new Bold, and others) or (local link)

For 6.0 Devices (Torch, Onyx 2,Curve 3G, Pearl 3G) or (local link)