BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) desktop software got an update but they’re back with a redesigned app and new version. Version 1.8.0 includes the following changes :

* Redesigned code for better performance.
* New Javaloader for OS 6.0 compatibility.
* Wipe Blackberry leaving a 507 error.
* Reset Blackberry to factory state removing any IT Policy.
* Take Screenshots of your Blackberry (Screenshots stored in My Pictures\BBScreenies now)
* Auto-Detects if phone is plugged in first.
* Displays PIN so you know your connected.
* Will not let you do any actions until phone detected.
* Load OS will auto delete Vendor.xml and start Loader.exe. (BBDM is needed for this)
* Backup 3rd Party Apps.
* Restore 3rd Party Apps.

Download : click here